Saturday, March 19, 2016

 A picture is worth...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Didi and Gogo will have to wait a little longer, although they've had a very eventful day. The crew went on a tour around Paris, making a stop at the Tour Eiffel, and not missing the opportunity to take photos and frighten tourists. A little Beckett in the Park if you will. Thus we moved on to the cemetery at Montparnasse, paying our respects at Beckett's grave, leaving behind a bouquet of carrots. Last on the trip was a visit to Beckett's old apartment, with a mailbox containing the family name written on it by the man himself. Our time in Paris is drawing closer to an end as we conduct our final evening show of the festival and the penultimate show overall, leaving just one more to be had on Saturday morning. We hope you come and join us for an outdoor performance! A gute nacht! 

Didi, Gogo, and Pozzo are off on a tour of Paris, The Eiffel Tower, Beckett's grave, and sundry other points of interest. Maybe we'll get some pictures.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well, shut my mouth! Today's show was packed, with a great mix of age groups from teens on up. The feedback is as good as it gets. From Yiddish speakers to theater professionals here for the festival, the glowing reaction is overwhelming. Tomorrow is off, for St. Patrick's day, of course. Two shows left.
So now we start thinking about Dublin.
Only 3 more shows. So far the hordes of Yiddishistn and our Ashkenazi brethren have not descended upon our intimate venue. Bur we have had very appreciative audiences. Last night Yitkhak Naborski, head of the Medem Library attended, and was, I thought quite impressed.
Our indiegogo campaign has faltered. I was happy to see a $10 donation. Of course, I appreciate all our donors, its just that seeing a couple of hundred $5 and $10 donations would make me feel real good. There must be more than 81 people interested in perpetuating dramatic Yiddish theater. We're still only half way to our goal and can't afford to come back in the red. So please, nudge your friends and family, to quote Pozzo, "heeeelllllp!"

Yurodny, Irish klezmer band led by Nick Roth (Sax)  joined us for a set of their fab sound on opening night. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Last night we were once again privileged to have Edward Beckett in the audience, most gracious, as he was in Enniskillen. He remarked on how appropriate Yiddish sounds for the piece. People are digging it.
      Rafi Goldwasser          Ben Rosenblatt        David Mandelbaum     Edward Beckett         Moshe Yassur    Shane Baker           Issac Segal          Ata (super-titles)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Shane Baker levitating his hat before our first show in Paris. 

Our very intimate venue was packed. A large number of Yiddish speakers, I am very happy to say. Walter Asmus came all the way from Berlin. It was a good beginning, beyond my expectations. Ben Rosenblatt was fabulous as Pozzo, and Isaac Segal gets better and better as the boy.
We are at the point where we can show up at a venue in the morning, and do the show that evening.